Post-Brexit, the likelihood is that the cost of building materials will rise, so, if you have plans to convert your loft, it makes real sense to get your project up and running sooner than later. Even better, if you place an order with us and pay your deposit before August 31st, we will give you 10% off projects in 2019!

What does 10% off actually equate to, we hear you ask? We did a bit of number crunching and the savings to you look a bit like this:


  • Standard rear dormer
Loft conversion in London

Beautiful London loft conversion

Before offer = £40,000

With offer = £36,000


  • Hip 2 gable with dormer

Before offer = £46,000

With offer = £41,50


  • L shape rear dormer

Before offer = £46,000

With offer = £41,500


  • Standard mansard

    French doors in loft conversion

    Window to the world

Before offer = £48,000

With offer = £43,500


  • L shape mansard

Before offer = £50,000

With offer = £45,500


What are you waiting for! Get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling on your dream loft project.


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*Price based in build only cost up to plaster and chipboard finish. Does not include plumbing, electrics or decoration.